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Installing React Native on Windows Tutorial

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Installing React Native on Windows Tutorial

Hi guys, in this article we are going to learn about the step by step setup guide for Installing React-Native on Windows, so lets

1. To Install React Native we need Node.js

Install Node.js and NPM.   https://nodejs.org/en/

Verify whether NPM is installed by typing npm -v in a terminal window

2. Install React Native CLI

  • Install by typing “npm install -g react-native-cli”   in a terminal window

3. Install JDK( Java Development Kit )

Download and install JDK from Oracle’s official website oracle.com


4.Install Android Studio + SDK Manager

Download the Android Studio latest version from Google Android Developers official Page developer.android.com

Goto Files -> Settings

Or click simply SDK manager

Install latest android platform.

Add Environment Variable ANDROID_HOME in Windows :

React Native required ANDROID_HOME variable to compile and run apps. So define the ANDROID_HOME variable, to do so

  • Click on Advanced System Settings.

  • Click on Environment Variables.

  • Click on New.

  • Also, add Android_sdk/tools path in Environment variable path


6. Start an Android Virtual Device (AVD) :

First, download .NET Framework from this URL

Click on AVD Manager in Android studio

Click on Create New Virtual Device.

  • Select your device and click on Next.

  • Select Android OS version System Image. (You need to click on Download if you doing 1st time)

  • Add a name for your AVD and hit the Finish button.

(Show Advanced Settings–>Make sure “Enabled keyboard input” is checked)

  • After done creating, AVD just hit the Run button to start the AVD.

7. Create React-native project :

Open command Line and following command followed by Project name

  • Create a new React Native project: react-native init TestProject

  • This is how the project creates successfully
Installing React Native on Windows Tutorial
Installing React Native on Windows Tutorial
  • Navigate to your project directory ( i.e. cd TestProject ) and type: npm start

  • In another terminal window, navigate to the project directory and type: react-native run-android

If you get the following error in terminal.

  1. Create a “local.properties” file in the root of your projects directory and add the following path in it:

sdk.dir=D:\Android\Android_sdk  (Make sure this file Type is PROPERTIES file)

And again hit  react-native run-android

This is how we can achieve Installing React-Native on Windows.

Thank you 🙂 Enjoy coding…




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