Floating action button in React-native

Floating action button in React-native

Hi guys, In this article, we are learning about custom floating action button in React-native, there are many libraries available for floating action but some times developer needs to add custom floating action button so that you can customize style easily, so let’s start with an example

1. Create a new project

In my case, I have already created a project

2. Import the following components

3. Create a Floating action button

We are creating a custom floating action button using stylesheet, using borderRadius: 200/2 we create circular view for floating action button and add image view component inside it, check the following style for floating action button and add this to your project

Above style is for floating action view, then add an image in floating action view using the following style

here is the code for return method

As you saw in the above code we are using TouchableOpacity to add onPress and assign FloatingActionButtonStyle to it, then add Image component inside TouchableOpacity and assign FloatinActionButtonImageStyle to it, also you can add another component outside TouchableObacity section. let’s see full source code

4. Full Source code for Floating action button

5. Output

Floating action button in React-native

Thank you 🙂


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