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How to setup Android studio on windows

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Installing Android Studio on Windows Tutorial

Hi guys, in this article we are going to learn about the step by step setup guide for Installing Android Studio on Windows, to start with Android development firstly we need to download & install Java Development Kit (JDK) & Android studio IDE. so let’s start step by step

1. Install JDK( Java Development Kit )

Download and install JDK from Oracle’s official website oracle.com


2. Install Android Studio + SDK Manager

Download the Android Studio latest version from Google Android Developers official Page developer.android.com

Goto Files -> Settings

  • Or click simply SDK manager

  • Install the latest android platform.

3. Add Environment Variable ANDROID_HOME in Windows :

Note:  If your project will not build then Add ANDROID_HOME variable to compile and run apps. To define the ANDROID_HOME variable, to do so

  • Click on Advanced System Settings.

  • Click on Environment Variables.

  • Click on New.

  • Add Android_sdk/tools path in Environment variable path

4. Setup JDK & SDK location in Android studio

  • In Android, Goto File -> Project Structure -> SDK Location

  • Add Android SDK location & Java Development Kit (JDK) path you want Gradle to use while building the project.

5. Start an Android Virtual Device (AVD) :

First, download .NET Framework from this URL

  • Click on AVD Manager in Android studio

  • Click on Create New Virtual Device.

  • Select your device and click on Next.

  • Select Android OS version System Image. (You need to click on Download if you doing 1st time)

  • Add a name for your AVD and hit the Finish button.

(Show Advanced Settings–>Make sure “Enabled keyboard input” is checked)

  • After being done creating AVD just hit the Run button to start the AVD.

6. Create local.properties   

  • If this file is not available in the project then Create a “local.properties” file in the root of your projects directory and add the following path to it:

sdk.dir=D:\Android\Android_sdk  (Make sure this file Type is PROPERTIES file)

7. HAXM device not found an error   

  • If you are facing this error HAXM device not found then refer this article try solutions set

Thank you 🙂 Enjoy coding…




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