React-native custom toolbar layout

In this article, we are going to create our React-native custom toolbar layout, there is the default NavigationOptions toolbar available in react-navigation but some times we have to create custom navigation toolbar, it makes easy to design when you have to add some more complex design so let’s start for React-native custom toolbar layout

install react-navigation to navigate between screen

install react-native-vector-icons, this will provide icon package for design 

1. Create components

Create a Component folder in this folder we are going to create two-component

  • BackButton.js

  • CustomToolbar.js

Let’s create BackButton.js

2. BackButton.js

As you see in above BackButton.js I have created a back button which I will use in CustomToolbar.js, Let’s look at CustomToolbar.js

3. CustomToolbar.js

In about js, I have created Toolbar which we will be going to use as follows

4. App.js

5. Output

Thank you.. enjoy coding… 🙂

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