React-native splash screen example using react-navigation

In this article, we learn about custom React-native splash screen example using react-navigation, to do this follow the steps to install libraries, In this we simply start the app with a splash screen then redirect to the home screen using react-navigation, so let’s start

React-native splash screen
React-native splash screen using react-navigation

1.Install “react-navigation”

2. Install “react-navigation-slide-from-right-transition” for navigation transition

3. Add the following imports

In the above imports, NavigationDrawerButton from components folder is my previous project with DrawerNavigation in which I want to add a splash screen, for that I had created one SplashScreen.js which is following

4. SplashScreen.js

5. App.js

6. Home screen

For home screen please check my previous project, I added this splash screen in this project, simply define screens inside App.js and call them using createAppContainer as you see in the above App.js


Thank you 🙂

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